What will silver prices be in 2023?

In the price history section, you can see that silver is a truly volatile asset in the commodity market. I still have good reason to believe that silver is an undervalued asset compared to other investments. As a general rule, when the supply of money in a country increases, commodity prices and the price of tangible assets (such as precious metals like gold for IRA) tend to rise. All of this justifies the forecast that Live Silver Price will rise by 50% or more by the end of this decade.eToro is one of the most reliable platforms for all types of investors, and Live Silver Price is always available on eToro. Historically, compared to other major investment assets, silver would continue to be relatively undervalued at this price level.

Therefore, when the world faces challenging economic conditions, the dollar and silver can rise at the same time. Silver is setting a very strong pattern with its head turned upside down (26%), stocks are hitting a double bottom (although it is awaiting validation) and the TIP seems to be consolidating. Therefore, one of the driving forces behind the increase in silver prices over the next five years is the numerous applications of white metal in green technologies and the green economy. Market volatility means that some investors will sell silver to cover losses elsewhere in their investment portfolios.

As seen in the longer period of time, the chart of the price of silver over 50 years, a giant cup and handle is being manufactured. However, with a tangible asset such as silver, lower prices are always an opportunity to accumulate more physical ounces. When the demand for silver remains the same and yet there is more money in the economy looking for the same amount of resources, the nominal price of those resources increases. As we have said before, silver is a precious metal appreciated by many people all over the world.

By 2025, silver should be able to register a significant price increase in price in the first six months of the year.